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Dr. Koehler, Nims and Karvala all agree that “Children respond quicker than any group of people treated at our office.” Much of this is due to children being absent of the effects of long-standing injuries, muscle tightness as well as cumulative trauma or stress on their bodies.

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The Power of Preventative Care

Starting chiropractic care early in life, including during childhood, can help promote optimal nervous system and bodily functions. This natural form of care helps allow children to reach their full potential, ensuring they thrive physically and mentally.

Providing Gentle Adjustments

We understand that parents may have concerns about how chiropractic adjustments are performed on their little ones. Pulling, forcing and twisting a baby from the birth canal are still common. C-sections, forceps, and suction extraction can all affect a spine negatively. Any of these methods have the potential to disrupt nervous system function and create potential problems for your child – colic, projectile vomiting, issues with feeding, bedwetting, restlessness etc. Rest assured, there is a distinct difference in how we adjust babies and children compared to adults. Dr. Koehler explains, “I think people, and medical professionals as well, have a misconception that a lot of force will be used on their baby’s spine- but that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

Given the ease of adjusting children’s spines, only slight pressure is applied to specific areas of the spine that relate to the problems the child is having or areas the doctor detects have abnormal spinal motion. The results with children are AMAZING…and relatively quick.

Help for Common Childhood Conditions


If your baby has colic-You NEED to have your baby treated by a Chiropractor. Parents whose baby suffers from colic are amazed at how quickly chiropractic provides life-changing results in a few short visits. Any parent who has a child with colic is always amazed and eternally grateful. Our doctors cannot overstate that if your baby has colic and you have not tried Chiropractic -you have not tried everything.


Chiropractic care has been proven effective in helping children who struggle with bedwetting. Children’s injuries just don’t heal or “go away”–they do not grow out of them. The body compensates and the result leads to misalignments in children’s spines affecting their nervous system.

Additionally, many children have food or environmental sensitivities. These can affect function and be the root cause of the bedwetting issue. Dr. Koehler, Nims and Karvala can work with you to determine if these issues are affecting your child.

In addition to this, there is added stress and anxiety secondary to the embarrassment of being a bedwetter. Let your child do sleepovers again!! Have your Chiropractor realign the body and relieve nerve pressure or help you figure out other issues that will give your child freedom from bedwetting!


Chiropractic care is all about a healthy and functioning nervous system. Chiropractors know and understand that structural issues affect functional problems. Structural/mechanical/nerve issues in the spine may contribute to asthma symptoms. Dr. Koehler, Nims and Karvala note, “For children, adolescents and even adults it is rare that with the combination of nutrition and Chiropractic adjustments one will not see some decrease in frequency duration or severity of their asthma.

Food & Seasonal Allergies

Chiropractic adjustments can help realign the spine, rebalancing the nervous system and potentially reducing the severity of different allergic reactions. By maintaining proper spinal biomechanics and alignment, the body is better equipped to handle allergens. Our office also uses a number of nutritional interventions that are based on the results of our ALCAT, FIT(food intolerance test) or Integrative blood analysis testing to target your nutritional needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do children need to come in for care as often as adults?

In most cases, children heal and adapt faster than adults, requiring less frequent care.

Why should I have my infant adjusted soon after they’re born?

Even during natural childbirth, spinal issues can be more easily corrected if detected early. Chiropractic care gently corrects abnormal spinal motion that can affect your child’s nervous system, promoting healthy growth and nervous system function.

Can chiropractic help improve my child’s posture?

Given the significant time children and teens spend on digital devices, postural problems will arise. Many of these problems such as migraines, headaches, neck pain, shoulder problems, and back pain manifest in adulthood and are actually an accumulation of the physical and mechanical stressors we developed during childhood. Our natural care aims to restore critical movement to their spines, which will help support a properly functioning nervous and posture.

Help Your Kids Flourish

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