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New Patients at Koehler Chiropractic Sports & Spinal Rehab

We welcome new patients to Koehler Chiropractic Sports & Spinal Rehab!

We want your first visit to go as smoothly as possible. Please click the link below if you would like to complete your new patient forms prior to your first appointment. Also, we accept many major medical insurance policies as well as Medicare. We ask that you bring your insurance card as well as a photo ID with you to your first appointment.

The First Visit

Visiting a chiropractic physician for the first time is very similar to any other doctors visit. Of course, you will have some forms to complete. Our professional and courteous staff will help put you at ease. You will meet your doctor, have a medical history taken as well as a thorough examination and any necessary x-rays. our goal is to determine what is wrong with you, if chiropractic care can help your problem and about how long it’s going to take for you to get better.

Our doctors will use the information gathered on this visit to determine the best course of care for your problem.

The Second Visit

Your second visit to our office is called your Report Of Findings visit. This is where your doctor will explain your diagnosis, and we will utilize  Evidence Based methods to determine approximately how long it will take you to regain your function and reduce your pain.

You will then meet with your Case Manager. Your Case Manager will contact your insurance company directly to discuss your benefits and will give you a GOOD FAITH ESTIMATE of the cost of your care.

No Surprises! Your case manager will also discuss with you the most affordable payment options for your care.

Get the Answers You Need

If you want to stay healthy, we are here to be your information resource. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with one of our chiropractors in Bourbonnais!
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